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Spanish Voice Over That Gets The Results You’re Listening For

Whether you’re a Fortune 500 or a small businesses, my VO services turn your company bilingual in 30 seconds or less and helps you bridge the gap with the Latino market.

I know what producers want, how to take direction, work professionally, make deadlines, connect with your listeners, and nail the script every time. Usually in one take!


I specialize in Spanish Voice Overs for:

Commercials, Medical Narrations, E-Learning & Corporate Projects, IVR’s or Telephony and Internet Ex-plainer videos.


Additional Services:

  1. Hispanic Marketing Solutions: Consulting and fulfillment. Your one stop-shop to target the Hispanic Market effectively in the USA.
  2. Creative Translations & Proofread of Scripts
  3. Cross Cultural Training
  4. Music &  jingles for Commercial Campaigns.


Spanish voice over that’s so convincing, even people who don’t speak Spanish want to buy.

Okay, this might not really happen. But what does happen is I breathe life into your commercial script and make your message persuasive and irresistible.

I get the right rhythm, pacing, and timing down. Your script becomes believable and you get great results…usually in one take…and I guarantee my work!

Medical Narration

Get your important message across in Spanish without putting listeners to sleep.

Science and medicine is fascinating. I use my voice to make medical scripts interesting and exciting.

Your script comes across as real, credible, straightforward, compassionate, and intelligent. Your listeners stay curious and engaged.

Corporate Videos

Add life and energy to your Spanish voice overs so listeners sit up and pay attention.

Your corporate videos have more impact when I perform the Spanish voice over.

Your script gets done on time and on budget. And your listeners pay attention and get excited by your message.

No one wants boring corporate videos – I guarantee yours won’t be!

IVR/Telephony Systems Services

Professional, engaging and effective IVR/voice mail recordings in Spanish or English that get results!

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"Nydia was an absolute pleasure to work with. She is as personable as she is professional, and I look forward to the opportunity to work with her again!"

-Todd Thompson,
Producer, Global Content & Production, Walt Disney Parks & Resorts

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If you’re not satisfied, you get your money back and we can work together on the next project. I’m here for the long-term, aren’t you?

“World Class, Spanish Voice Overs That Get Results At Affordable Pricing!”

Spanish Voice

to Sell

I provide professional, pitch perfect spanish translations and voice overs. And, if you want your video or commercial to generate more sales, I’m your solution! I know how to do reads in English or Spanish that get noticed…and get results!

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Boring, vanilla, bland voice overs are all too common. Very few voice over professionals really bring home the delivery with tonal and voice inflections that turn any script into an exciting and motivational recording…in English or Spanish!

Spanish Voice Chat

Neutral Spanish Accent

Like any world-wide spoken language, Spanish has dozens of different dialects/accents that may be difficult for Latino listeners/viewers to understand without effort. I remove all the effort by specializing in a surprisingly neutral Spanish accent/dialect…so all Spanish speakers can “get it” instantly!